News travels at the speed of bytes now. Instant. That’s how most people like their information. Media landscape reflects rapid changes in technology and culture. Reporters and editors often have all the sources and tools literally at their fingertips. This is why the FSH 628 Social & Mobile Reporting class takes place exclusively on your smartphone!
Well done, friends! You’ve reached the homestretch. Semester’s finish line is in sight. Congratulations on your achievements and good luck with your summer plans! This week we suggest some events to attend in between exams and packing to keep your stress levels under control. Vacation: T minus five days!
Genius! Fashion world loves superlative descriptors and enjoys rewarding talent with generous praise. What happens when the mind behind the next genius look is Artificial Intelligence? Isabella Urbina (BA Fashion Journalism) reports on the latest fashion tech milestone.
This week is strictly for the free fun lovin’ people! Goodbye to drizzly weather, welcome to the sunbathing dreams! This week’s selection of cost-free events will nurture the eager creative hearts. Take a break from your studies, grab a buddy or a few or enjoy time out and about town!