Fashion Future : Academy of Art University 2017 Graduation Fashion Show

It’s all been leading up to this… In the lives of individuals and communities, there are moments that define history and usher in the future. For students in the Academy of Art University School of Fashion, that moment is the annual Graduation Fashion Show that brings together faculty, family, friends, and industry such as retail executives, fashion and accessory designers, interior designers, and recruiters to celebrate the accomplishments of each graduate, and honor their creative vision as they join the ranks of Academy’s distinguished alumni.

On May 6, 2017, guests filled the fashion show venue to capacity. The excitement was palpable. In her welcoming remarks, President Elisa Stephens reflected on the amazing transformation of the School of Fashion into the largest and one of the most dynamic programs at the Academy. To highlight the strength of its students, Sara Kozlowski, Director of Education and Professional Development for the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), announced a long roster of this year’s award and scholarship finalists. Talk about pride and joy! You can see the full list of student finalists and awardees below.

President Stephens presented an Honorary Doctorate to Sarah Mower, Chief Critic for and the British Fashion Council’s Ambassador for Emerging Talent. In her professional capacity, Mower has championed some of fashion’s brightest debuts of the last decade: Christopher Kane, Erdem, Mary Katrantzou, JW Anderson, Roksanda, among others. A passionate advocate for arts education, she has worked tirelessly to elevate fashion discourse and present students with advancement opportunities. Her role in raising the profile of the British fashion industry within the global community was recognized in 2011 when she received the distinguished honor of Member of the British Empire (MBE) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for services to the fashion industry. “I got into this, because I’m interested in the future. I know and value how much education means,” noted Mower praising the dedication and leadership of Simon Ungless, Executive Director of the School of Fashion, and the program’s entire team. Mower then pointed out San Francisco’s special place in American history as the ‘cradle of countercultural movement’. “I am curious what will rise up from you. Use your creativity and your voice,” urged Mower, who also received a Certificate of Honor from the Mayor of San Francisco.

“Let the show begin!” With these words from President Stephens, the auditorium lights dimmed and the eagerly anticipated fashion show began.

2017 Graduation Fashion Show

As the music and lights hit the runway, a multitude of live video streams began reaching thousands of online audience members across YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. The first collection to hit the runway was an intriguing collaboration between Thao Thai (BFA Fashion Design) and Naz Khorram (BFA Jewelry & Metal Arts). Rooted in Vietnamese and Iranian cultures, respectively, their partnership was inspired by the fluidity of selfhood. The looks explored the concept by covering, exposing, or making certain elements transparent.

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The great surrealist Salvador Dali made an appearance on the runway thanks to Brandi Puckett (BFA Fashion Design) who was inspired by the artist to create her silk, cotton and jacquard garments, embellishing some with wool and faux fur poms.

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Fashion and opera both love a good drama. Amy Hsu Tzu Chen (BFA Fashion Design) and Xiaowen (Wendy) Zhang (BFA Knitwear Design) brought together their Taiwanese and Chinese heritage to focus on complex textures in their interpretation of the unconventional themes from the classic film Farewell, My Concubine.

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Fusion knots serve as a fascinating metaphor for contemporary vision of interdependency in handwoven garments by Ann Zhang (BFA Fashion Design) who turned to British artist Glenn Brown for inspiration.

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Sometimes purposeful distortion helps us see the world more clearly. Case in point, the famous series of rubber band portraits by photographer Wes Naman. Jessica V. Wijaya (BFA Fashion Design) created her asymmetrical knits in collaboration with Clarkie Kabler (BFA Costume Design) who combined traditional tambour beading with unexpected materials, including zip ties!

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The ‘80s arcade game Pac-Man has made quite an impression on pop culture, and on Jeanne Marie Sanguinetti (BFA Fashion Design), who used it as a starting point. Sanguinetti’s geometrical silhouettes are accented with LED-lit character patches created by Ryan Hsiang (BFA Jewelry & Metal Arts). Check out his 3-D printed headphones!

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“I ain’t lost; just wandering,” sings Adele in her hit Hometown Glory. Jane Wade (BFA Fashion Design) was inspired by her many non-destinational walks through San Francisco to create intricate leather cording designs.

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Holi is the world-revered Hindu spring festival that celebrates the vitality of bright colors. Aastha Shah (BFA Fashion Design) collaborated with Peggy Kuo (BFA Textile Design) on a “chaotic and vibrant mix” of traditional Indian artwork and Western streetstyle aesthetic. The result was fantastic!

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For millennia, the ocean has been a source of life, mystery and artistic inspiration. Amanda Velasquez (BFA Fashion Design) found inspiration in the iconic Mino coats of Japanese fisherman and skeletal artwork of Lori Tomita for her wool-bamboo cashmere and denim collaboration with Shanice Ashley Green (BFA Knitwear Design).

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Survival of the fittest is an idea that brought together Julie Kintner (BFA Menswear Design) and Yan Li (BFA Textile Design) to create menswear looks that were first developed through experimentation using tarps and emergency blankets. Literati painting influences and textures of the forest complete the concept. Darwin would approve!

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Tough love, unruly freedom, bravely facing the wind… Vivian Cho (BFA Fashion Design) sought inspiration in the notorious Japanese biker girl gang culture for her denim-strong looks, complete with stitched judo belts. Who’s ready to ride?

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More than a century in the making, Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona might be the ultimate work-in-progress. Estene Marquez (BFA Fashion Design) pays homage to the visionary architect and the painstaking process of creative execution with laser-cut details on organza and charmeuse garments.

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Now You See Me was a hit heist movie that left audiences spellbound. Alvin Ang (BFA Fashion Design) and Christina Miyagi (BFA Textile Design) captivated the audience with their textiles and looks inspired by the long artistic tradition of trompe-l’œil or optical illusions.

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Hardwired for style is something one could say about the Icelander Dagny Steindorsdottir (BFA Fashion Design) who used complex patterns of circuit boards and electric cables to complete her leather, suede and wool looks.

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Portland, Oregon has earned a reputation as one of America’s reuse and recycle pioneering communities. Erika Tompkins (BFA Fashion Design) celebrates her hometown with clothes created from molds of vintage garments and silicone-coated fabrics.

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In a love letter to her Palestinian ancestors, Joanna Jadallah (BFA Menswear Design) explored complex historical ideas of home, refuge, and legacy with the aid of castle and armor inspired textiles by Cana Klebanoff (BFA Knitwear Design) and horn-made accessories by Qin (Samantha) Xu (BFA Jewelry & Metal Arts) with additional beaded embroidery by fashion design major Jeannifer Tirtamarta. In true nomadic or post-globalized manner, it takes a village to raise a look!

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Slow is the new fast! Inspired by the languorous visions of Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto and the idea of sleepwalking while dressed, Bowen Tian (BFA Fashion Design) created oversized puff pieces with whimsical buttons using velvet and upholstery fabrics.

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Harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature is today’s newsfeed mainstay and a fitting theme for collaboration between Jiran Xia (BFA Fashion Design) and Pei-Ling (Ann) Tsai (BFA Jewelry & Metal Arts) who explored the fragile balances of eco-systems in natural fabrics and acrylic jewelry.

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The closing looks of the 2017 Graduate Fashion Show appeared on the runway courtesy of Laura Hidaka (BFA Fashion Design) who was inspired by the Hawaiian culture of hospitality and the traditional Kahiko hula skirts. The garments in sunbrella canvas and kona cotton were beautifully embroidered by Claudia Zoh-Hung Tan and Virginia Yue (BFA Fashion Design). When it comes to fashion, every goodbye is a welcoming aloha to something new!

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The models and designers took their final walk-through to the thundering tune of Marlena Shaw’s anthem California Soul. It was a lively finale, fitting for the great show and an industrious academic year. Thank you and good luck to the School of Fashion alumni, class of 2017!

When Talent Meets Opportunity

Creativity thrives in supportive environments. The Academy is committed to providing exceptional mentoring and financial aid opportunities to its students. Their success inspires our entire community. Every year, we are happy to announce several awards, scholarships and internships. The various co-sponsored scholarships range in monetary value from $1,500 to $25,000 but their positive impact on recipients’ professional development is immeasurable. Design competitions drive the industry and future consumer enthusiasm for newcomers. The San Francisco Paris Sister City Scholarship Exchange is a unique program that gives a group of motivated students a chance to live, study and create in the heart of Paris, the world couture capital. The Council of Fashion Designers of America curates a number of distinct opportunities for emerging talent, including coveted spots at the showcase in New York City, another global style center. Top Fashion Journalism students are rewarded with iPads courtesy of Flipboard to continue fostering a progressive relationship between fashion media and technology industry. We are proud of all the winners and wish the best of luck to all the finalists.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America | CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase | Curated Exhibition in New York, May 23-24, 2017

Carly Dean, MFA Textile Design

Laura Hidaka, BFA Fashion Design

Bom Kim, MFA Fashion Design

Dina Marie Lam, MFA Fashion Design

Brandi Puckett, BFA Fashion Design

Aastha Shah, BFA Fashion Design

Eden Slezin, MFA Fashion Design

Dagny Steindorsdottir, BFA Fashion Design

Bowen Tian, BFA Fashion Design

Christina Miyagi , BFA Textile Design

Amanda Velasquez, BFA Fashion Design

Jessica V. Wijaya, BFA Fashion Design

Hailun Zhou, BFA Fashion Design

Jiran Xia, BFA Fashion Design

Szu-Yi Chen, MFA Fashion Design

CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase| Digital Showcase

Sahara Aldrich, MFA Textile Design

Alvin Ang, BFA Fashion Design

Binan Han, BFA Fashion Design

Estene Marquez, BFA Fashion Design

Rheanna Oliver-Palanca, MFA Fashion Design

Erika Tompkins, BFA Fashion Design

Nancy Zhao, BFA Fashion Design

Xiaoyu Zhao, MFA Fashion Design

Kenneth Cole Footwear Innovation Award Finalists

Erika Tompkins, BFA Fashion Design

Ann Yunhui Zhang, BFA Fashion Design

CFDA Geoffrey Beene Design Scholar Award | Finalist for the $25,000 Award

Yoonsuk Lee, MFA Fashion Design

Liz Claiborne Design Scholarship Award | Finalists for the $25,000 Award

Susan Zienty, BFA Fashion Design

CFDA Scholarship Award | Finalist for one of two $25,000 Awards

Pamela Toribio, BFA Textile Design

YMA-Fashion Scholarship Fund | FSF Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship Award for $10,000

Amanda Velasquez, BFA Fashion Design

FSF $5,000 Scholarship

Elora Martinez, BFA Fashion Merchandising

Hyun Ji Lee, BFA Fashion Merchandising

SURTEX®International Student Design Competition: designext®

Jiran Xia, BFA Fashion Design

San Francisco – Paris Sister City Scholarship Exchange in Paris, France | Studio Berçot

Amanda Velasquez, BFA Fashion Design

Ruth Reynaga, BFA Fashion Design

Cana Klebanoff, BFA Knitwear Design

L’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne

Jessica V. Wijaya, BFA Fashion Design

Amy Hsu Tzu Chen, BFA Fashion Design

2017 Top Fashion Journalism Students | iPad Mini Courtesy of Flipboard

Nivetha Sundar, MA Fashion Journalism

Kahea Montomery, MA Fashion Journalism

Isabella Urbina, BA Fashion Journalism

2017 Fashion Journalism Scholarship | Sponsored by TRC Public Relations & Marketing

$1,000 Scholarship and Summer Internship at TRC Public Relations & Marketing

Nivetha Sundar, MA Fashion Journalism

$500 Scholarship and Summer Internship at TRC Public Relations & Marketing

Katheryn Zerbe, BA Fashion Journalism

2017 Social Media Center Scholarship | Sponsored by Cross Marketing Public Relations

$1,500 Scholarship and Summer Internship at Cross Marketing Public Relations

Farnaz Dadashi, BA Fashion Journalism

Summer Internship at Cross Marketing Public Relations

Nivetha Sundar, MA Fashion Journalism