Program Change Announcement: BFA Fashion Communication & Styling

The School of Fashion is pleased to announce the merging of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, BFA Fashion Styling, and the Bachelor of Art, BA Fashion Journalism degree program to form BFA Fashion Communication & Styling. Starting in Fall 2023, the accredited program will provide complementary skills in Fashion Styling and Fashion Journalism, helping students build skills in styling, image making, video production, written communication, and social media.

As fashion continues to evolve and push further into the digital space, it is essential for our students to learn how to adapt and break into this new environment. “By listening to the needs and wants of students, the BFA Fashion Communication & Styling program was designed to help students graduate with more skills, providing the tools to do it all when it comes to content creation,” explains School of Fashion Associate Director Flore Morton.

With the complementary skills from both fashion journalism and styling, upon graduation students will have the ability to create a magazine fully on their own, including the design, photoshoot production, and writing.

“Content creation for all formats of fashion media, from web platforms and iconic print magazines to corporate social media videos, requires from stylists and journalists to develop versatile skills and master both image making and written communications. Merging two programs will expand the range of career opportunities for the graduating students,” shared Fashion Journalism and Social Media Center Coordinator Elena Eberhard.

As this new program is added to School of Fashion’s offerings, the Associate of Arts degrees in both Fashion Journalism and Styling will continue to help build foundation skills in both professions. The AA Fashion Journalism degree evolved into AA Fashion Communications. Students graduating with one of these AA degrees can to continue their studies in the BFA Fashion Communication & Styling afterwards by transferring all their units.

For more information, visit here for a complete breakdown of BFA Fashion Communication & Styling coursework and requirements.

Fashion Styling student Gabrielle Velasquez at the May 2023 portfolio review. Photography: Randy Brooke.