Why don’t you.. watch these Olympics equations!

The Olympics are now well under way, and they’ve pretty much taken over our daily lives. We’ve been strategically avoiding Twitter so as not to stumble upon any spoilers, staying up late to watch the competitions, and scouring the internet for all the inside info on Ryan Lochte the top athletes.

During our most recent “research session,” we stumbled upon Craig Dumrauer’s Olympic Equations. The artist and writer has cleverly re-imagined Olympic sports and themes, redefining them in cheeky mathematical equations. The simple expressions, animated by Matt Thomas, rework the sporting vocabulary and are “an exorcise in methaphorical defining,” explains Damrauer. They shed light on the simple but true (and funny) aspects of the games.

If he’d made an equation for the everyone’s Olympic Crush Ryan Lochte, we have a feeling it would go a little something like:
Ryan Lochte = perfection + bling + …
You get the idea. Follow the jump for more Olympic Equations!

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