Monday Morning Photo

One of many fires in the Mission kept alive by burning trash, crash cans, chairs, and clothes. Photo by Anna-Alexia Basile.

For this morning’s edition of Monday Morning Photo, we’re diverging from our usual themes and dedicating today’s post to our beloved San Francisco Giants. They won the 2012 World Series last night – sweeping the Detroit Tigers in four games – and causing the entire city to go absolutely nuts. Anna-Alexia Basile, an MFA Fashion Merchandising student, was on hand to capture the celebration going down in the Mission last night, where Giants fans filled the streets.

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A band brings the crowd together in celebratory song and dance. Photo by Anna-Alexia Basile. 

Another (of many) fires breaks loose on Mission St. at 24th. Photo by Anna-Alexia Basile.

Giants fans climb street poles to get a better view of the armageddon on Sunday night. Photo by Anna-Alexia Basile.

A dumpster re-ignites in the distance after the fire dept attempts to put it out. Photo by Anna-Alexia Basile. 

Fans hit the streets with brooms after the sweep against the Tigers. Photo by Anna-Alexia Basile. 

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