Academy of Art University Fall ’12 Fashion Show Playlist

Music has a certain way of setting the tone – for a film, a night out, a road trip – and, of course, a fashion show. Each season, we walk away from fashion week, our heads filled with images of sartorial greatness and all of the songs that accompanied said greatness down the runway. We are lucky enough to have an amazing DJ, Scott Ewalt, to create our show playlist each season. He has a talent for perfectly matching the mood of a collection to music – bringing together the visual and auditory senses to marvelous effect.

So here it is – the playlist from the Academy of Art University Fall ’12 Show!

1. Gang of Four – To Hell With Poverty

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2. Yacht – I Walked Alone

3. Anika – Officer Officer

4. Maximum Joy – Let it Take you There. Listen to it here.

5. Tomboy – Synchronize. Listen to it here.

6. Punks Jump Up – Block Head

7. Les Deux Love Orchestra – Planet Claire