Academy Award: School of Fashion Student Wins Top Honors in Korea

School of Fashion student Bo-Kyung Cha, MFA Fashion and Textile Design, is the Silver Prize winner of one of the biggest fashion design contests in Korea, the 37th JDG Contest. JDG stands for JoongAng Design Group.

In addition to winning $1,000.00, she was contacted by Hyundai department store regarding her future fashion business plans. Winners will also have the opportunity to be represented by the JoongAng Design Group, which supports its members in participating in Seoul Collection at the Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention [].

The JDG Contest is important in Korea as many top fashion designers were winners of the JDG Contest such as Rubina, Yoon Soo Park, Dong Soon Kim, and Sang Bong Lee.

1990 School of Fashion MFA Fashion Design graduate Jin Young Kang was the Silver Prize winner of the 23rd JDG Contest. He and his wife Han-hee Yoon are the designers behind the fashion label Y&Kei [].