Academy Award: Online Student Wins Award at Korean Fashion Show

Bora Han, online MFA Fashion student, has won Silver prize in a Korean design competition.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Korea organized a promotional event of Korean culture under the theme of ‘The Feast of Korean Taste, fashion and sound’ on February 27 in Seoul, Korea.

As part of its ‘Han Style Premiere’, this event was designed to give a realistic chance to experience traditional Korean culture and a large number of foreign diplomats, international journalists, businessmen and people related to cultural sector were invited. According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Han Style refers to traditional and/or cultural items that reflect Korean lifestyle and are charged with Korean-specific sentiments such as Hangeul (the Korean alphabet), Hansik (food), Hanbok (clothes), Hanok (housing), Hanji (paper), and Kukak, traditional music.