A Little Music for Your Friday

Technology enriches our lives in so many ways – making everyday tasks easier, connecting people millions of miles away,  allowing us to pour over collections minutes after they’ve come down the runway. What would we do without it?! We especially love technology when it is used in art, allowing people to create practically anything they can imagine – and our friends at The Creators Project always do it best.

Their latest venture is a music video with the band Passion Pit, who we fell in love with a few years ago after seeing them live at the Treasure Island Music Festival. The I Take a Walk video was created in collaboration with emerging British director David Wilson, using a helicam to create a bouncing effect. The effect fits perfectly with the rhythm of the song, which immediately attracted Wilson to the project. With the support of The Creators Project masterminds, Passion Pit and Wilson were able to craft a mini-film with a narrative that captured the meaning behind the song, propelled by the camera’s movement.

Follow the jump to listen!

Though the song’s themes are a bit heavy –  “how to maintain a sense of self amongst the trappings of materialism” – the upbeat tempo and electronic sound keep it from being a downer. In the words of Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos, “.. ultimately, it’s a search for hope.” Which we can totally relate to. We hope you enjoy it!