2016 Graduation Fashion Show Designers: Karin Kate Wong

Karin Kate Wong, BFA Fashion Design, was born in Macau, China. After earning an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design in 2013 Wong decided to further her fashion career pursuit at the Academy of Art University. While working towards her degree she interned at both gr. dano in Sausalito and earned the job as the Womenswear design intern at Public School in New York.

Wong's moodboard was centered around the theme "bed"
Wong’s moodboard was centered around the theme “bed”

For her Spring Graduation Fashion Show collection, Wong wanted to chose an inspiration that held significance for her. She chose the theme “bed”. Wong stated “My attachment to bed so strong. I spend ninety percent of my time at home in bed and always wish I could bring my bed with me when I go out. With this idea, I started to drape with bedding and pillowcases and created different shapes that were developed into the six looks.” She forgoed buttons and zippers, instead opting for ties and elastics as closures for more comfort. The looks feature silky, soft fabrics amplified by silver lamé accents. A sense of laid back comfort and sexuality is brought to life through the draping and backless cuts. “Most looks are backless because I was reminded of how girls go to sleep naked and get out of bed with just her important parts covered with a blanket.”

Illustrated lineup for the 2016 collection.
Illustrated lineup for the 2016 collection.

  What is your greatest [style] regret?

I have tried different styles and some of them were pretty awful to look back at, like when I was in middle school I would wear a black flat cap with a navy hoodie, yellow skinny jeans, pink shearling boots and brown leather duffle bag. But I don’t regret it because now I can look back at it and laugh.

Which [items in your closet] do you most use?

My blue and white striped buttoned down shirt, white t-shirts, white cami tanks, black satin-back crepe cropped trousers, and combat waffle sweatshirt.

Who are your favorite [fashion] icons and why?
Marc Jacobs because he embraces the beauty of imperfection, elevates something unappealing and makes it fascinating. I also like Haider Ackermann for his effortless drapes and his unexpected layering. Both of them make fashion an art and add a little fun and drama into everyday style without looking too costume-y.


Written by Samantha Rathman.