2009 Awards and Announcements Stylesight Print Competition

MFA Merchandising student Belda Farika has won $1,000 USD in the Stylesight Print Competition.  She entered the textile design competition while in a School of Fashion Textile Design class.

Belda’s design project is featured on the Stylesight website and she may even get the chance to intern with the company this summer.  Stylesight is a leading business-to-business online fashion magazine and trend forecasting and information provider based in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Sao Paolo, and Hong Kong. Stylesight provides fashion information to thousands of business subscribers over the web at http://www.stylesight.com/

Students in Textile Design classes created original print and tee shirt graphics based on four Spring Summer 2010 inspirations in the areas of Womenswear, Menswear, Juniors, Young Menswear, Girls, or Boys. Each area of inspiration included color stories, mood boards, and research of various artists and movies.  The four inspiration themes were called Bayou, Sanctuary, Jubilation, and Subversion.  The theme Jubilation included researching 80s film Xanadu, 70x graffiti and Harlem Street Art, artist Keith Haring, and using colors such as candy, juicy lime, smooth coral and yellow.

“In addition to Belda’s project, other students had their work displayed on the site with their contact information so subscribers could hire them for possible freelance work or jobs”, said Rhona Mackenzie, Textile Design Coordinator.  “Quite a few of the participating students have already been contacted. Stylesight was so impressed with the students’ textile designs that they want to work with us next season on Fall/Winter 2010 prints with the winner of that competition also receiving $1000 dollars and a profile page.”

We caught up with Belda to find out more.

What was your inspiration for the competition?

Belda Farika: All of the inspiration comes from the Stylesight inspiration boards. Each category has different inspiration and references. The references for Bayou included the movie The Color of Purple, the photography of Michael Eastman, watercolor paintings by Tracy Nakayama, the art of Henry Rousseau, and many more. Personally, I was really inspired by the photography of Michael Eastman. Most of the shapes and drawings in my project were inspired by parts of his photography. 

Will you be interning with Stylesight?

Belda Farika: I would love to 🙂

When do you graduate?

Belda Farika: I’m expected to graduate in December 2009.

What would you like to do after graduation?

Belda Farika: I would like to be a textile designer or design my own line of streetwear clothing that can function for leisure or everyday biking.

Tell us some of your favorite things about living in San Francisco?

Belda Farika: I love the music, the food, the vibe, the people and the eclectic style of San Francisco.

Any plans for the summer break?

Belda Farika: I’m planning to find an internship and maybe going home to visit my family back in Jakarta, Indonesia.