The Kalla Chronicles: Sausage with Style

Being from Wisconsin (the land of bratwurst) and of half German descent, I love me some sausage! So when I heard that a new salcisseria, The Dogfather, opened in North Beach, I was first in line. Well, not quite, but it did make my “Spring Break To-Do List.” To get in the mood, I tossed on a shirt with ketchup-colored stripes.

I wandered in to find Ke$ha tunes blasting from a boombox on the counter and a set of moose antlers on the wall.

Not quite what I expected.

I examined the menu, which was full of more inventive hot dog topping combinations than I knew existed. Finally, I settled on the ‘Little P’ which featured an Italian sausage on a gourmet looking bun with onions, chili, cheese, and bacon.

I settled at a table and realized I was the only person in the place. I was excited to see they had a table top PacMan game – which was out of order. The arcade machine at my table was out of order too. And the one at the next table had a jammed quarter slot. No game, but here comes my sausage!

The ingredients seemed super fresh, but on the whole, the ‘Little P’ seemed a little blah. However, there are loads of other sausage sandwich combos to try, so I think the place is worth visiting if you find yourself in North Beach at 2 a.m. Except, I forgot to check and see if the place is open at 2 a.m. – but I know Golden Boy Pizza next door is open late!


Remnants of my sausage sandwich

Written by: Kalla Vieaux

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