That ‘Girl’ Was Harper Lee

On Monday, we asked who this gal was:


This is indeed a pic of Harper Lee, Pulitzer Prize winning author of To Kill a Mockingbird. Seeing as though this month marks the 50th Anniversary of the book, I thought it would be appropriate to give her props.

And in case you’re interested, here are how the clues were connected:

Clue #1: Bullock – Actress Sandra Bullock played her in the movie Infamous

Clue #2: Peck – This is a nod to Gregory Peck, the actor who played the All-American hero Atticus Finch in the the 1962 movie adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Clue #3: Blood…and it’s Cold — This is in reference to In Cold Blood, which was considered the original non-fiction novel that was written by Truman Capote, Harper Lee’s BFF.

Snaps to Jamie Meinecke and Ian Horn for answering so quickly!