SF Events: STASIS by Chris Dorosz

Stasis 33 (The Dunlevies) – Chris Dorosz.

From August 2nd through September 1st, the Scott Richards Contemporary Art gallery is featuring a new series by renowned sculpture Chris Dorosz. The exhibit, STASIS, showcases a multitude of dynamic and uniquely fabricated wall mounted structures that appear to be almost holographic. The sculptures morph, move, and fracture apart when viewed from different perspectives.

The artwork seems to be in a perpetual suspension of time and space. Images of organic organisms such as DNA or artificially crafted structures such as pixels are called to mind. Whatever the representation may be, STAsIS (a state of equilibrium) nods to the abeyance of his tranquil structures.

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To celebrate Dorosz’s inaugural exhibit at Scott Richards Contemporary Art, there will be a cocktail reception from 5:30 to 7:30 on Thursday August 2nd.

Scott Richards Contemporary Art –  251 Post Street, San Francisco, 415-788-5588. For more info, visit the website.

Written by Alannah MacIntyre.