Instruct/Influence: Hannah Norman

We are so thrilled to welcome Hannah Norman to the School of Fashion! Hannah is joining our team as full time faculty to build in classes in accessory design, and she’s learned from some of the best. Hannah graduated with Distinction in Art and Design from Cambridge University and with Honors in Fashion Design from Kingston University, and then moved to Italy to work for MaxMara. In 2001, she joined the L.V.M.H. group in Paris, working with Michael Kors at Céline. She then went on to design accessories for Chloë and Nina Ricci. Her experience covers fashion design, knitwear design, accessory design, and illustration.

Hannah will combine her industry experience and amazing skills to develop a program in accessories that includes jewelry, small leather goods, bags, footwear, hats, and scarves. The first class in the program, FSH 499.10 – Introduction to Body Adornment, will be available on-campus for Fall 2012 – no pre-requisites are required.

Read on for our quick interview with Hannah where she dishes on her favorite accessories and inspirations! 

What originally drew you to accessories?
I have always loved designing but I realized that I wanted to specialize in accessories because I wanted to take my design process further and really focus upon attention to detail. For me, it is all about creating a stunning accessory that can pull together or dramatise any given outfit.

What are you favorite types of accessories to design and make?
It has to be jewelry. Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by minerals, stones, fossils, gemstones etc and I still have an element of that childlike enthusiasm when I begin researching the materials and make up of any given jewelry collection.

Do you have a favorite piece that you have designed?
My favorite item was a tiara based upon a headpiece worn by Russian ballerinas. Yes it was decadent but I loved its ethereal quality.

Is the approach to designing accessories different than when designing clothing? And if so, how?
I believe that whether you are designing a dress or a bracelet a pair of sunglasses or a bag, the design principles are still the same. It all begins thinking about the form and shape before you start to add the other details.

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