Friday Box Office: Rob Curry

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A warning for those with a prudish disposition, “In the Mood for Love” (2000) is pure fashion pornography. Directed by Wong Kar Wai, unadulterated chic oozes from every pore [of this film] and I’m bathing in it!

The lead characters, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung, are gorgeous, the colors are gorgeous, the sets are gorgeous, the music is gorgeous, the clothes are gorgeous. Maggie Cheung wears the same dress throughout, but made in many different colors / prints…I lost count how many! Even smoke drifting from a cigarette is gorgeous!

It’s like a Vogue photo shoot, come-to-life. When a scene of walking down to the local take-out joint to get noodles becomes an exquisite fashion moment, you know this is a movie EVERY student / lover of fashion has to see!

This weekend I’ll be swaying my hips and carrier bag in slow motion, down to my local deli, just for the sheer, irresistible, Goddamn glamour of it all.

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