DIY time with Philip: Lite Art

Growing up, one of my favorite gifts was a Lite-Brite. I loved poking those colored plastic pegs through the black paper to create a garden, clown, or a beach scene.

Well, this week we take the Lite-Brite idea to an abstract level. Using just a few inexpensive items (and some of those Christmas lights you just took down), we’ll create an interesting piece of art that also serves as a lighting accent.

First, the things you’ll need (photo 1):

o canvas, about 20”x30”
o paint
o 1/2” wide masking tape
o brushes
o awl
o pencil
o string of lights
o sheer fabric
o straight pins

Begin by choosing a color scheme, then masking the canvas into smaller sections, creating the desired shapes. Then paint each part a different color within your scheme (photo 2).

Next, remove the tape to reveal a stained-glass effect (photo 3). From the front of the canvas, using the awl, punch holes into the canvas and put the lights through the holes. One light at a time is best to make sure the holes are the right distance from each other (photo 4). Keep in mind, the orientation of the lights to a power outlet or extension cord.

Once the desired light pattern has been achieved, move the lights around to the back of the canvas (photo 5). Use the fabric and pins to form little bubbles over the lights to contrast the pattern on the canvas (photo 6), and you will have created a dazzling piece of wall art.

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