A Little Music for Your Friday

Flume. Photo by Justin Vague.

Friday up and arrived before we could even blink this week–probably because things are really starting to pick up as we prepare for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! The buzz in the design studio has been non-stop as the designers work day and night to finish their collections before they head off to NYC. And in these  times of high intensity, we always look to music to calm our nerves. This week’s A Little Music for Your Friday post is dedicated to the song we’ve had on repeat all week long.

“Sleepless,” a track whose title perfectly describes our busy designers’ current state, comes from a young Aussie, Harley Streten a.k.a. Flume. His syrupy smooth beats and groovy synth-pop sounds transport you to a dream like state–or maybe we’re just that sleep deprived, but we’re pretty sure it’s the song. Jezzabell Doran’s sultry vocals are chopped up and mixed in perfectly, pulling you in and twirling you around their sparkly dream land. (Maybe we are getting a bit loopy, at least its Friday).

Here is the video for “Sleepless”– we hope you can listen to it as you enjoy some downtime this weekend!