We’re Back! Onsite Learning Returns for Spring 2022

Spring is just around the corner! And with it comes the return of on-campus learning. In addition to online classes, the Fashion department will be offering over seventy onsite and hybrid courses. Ranging from Freshmen to Graduate-level, enjoy learning from all the disciplines Fashion has to offer. Highlights of the Spring’s semester courses include Visual Merchandising, Applied Textiles, 3D Design, and Fashion Product Styling.

A byproduct of remote learning solutions developed in the past few months, the hybrid class sections allow online students to join the collaborative dynamics in onsite classrooms, fostering student connections and facilitating understanding of course concepts and hands-on techniques.

BFA Fashion Design seniors working in the studio at 625 Polk Street

“It’s so much better to be working in person with students in the labs,” shares Associate Director Rhona Mackenzie. “It’s a great atmosphere when everyone is working and chatting about their work along with all the sights, sounds, and smells that happen in the 4th floor textile labs.” Executive Director Simon Ungless looks forward to having students “back in the studios developing their skills and working on their projects.”

For students, they are looking forward to being able to rekindle in-person connections with their peers. “Being online has created a huge disconnect between the students and professors,” explains Maria Sanjuan, BFA Fashion Marketing. She continues, “Personally speaking, not being able to get out of bed and actually get ready to go to class made me feel really unmotivated to learn and very uninspired. I’m looking forward to actually be sitting in a class listening to the professor in person and have fulfilling discussions with my classmates!” MA Fashion Art Direction student Nikita Jacob moved across the globe to attend classes at Academy of Art University but was saddened when all courses were moved online. However, with classes moving back to hybrid and on-campus learning, Jacob looks forward to “the start of the semester for new opportunities, experiences, interactions, and learning. I never thought that I’d miss the morning rush and long to be a student on campus again.”

The Spring semester begins on February 7th. Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for on-campus, hybrid, or online learning! A list of available classes is available here. To register, contact your advisor or email studentservices@academyart.edu or call 415-618-6508.

Gina Ayala, BFA Textile Design, working in the textile lab