Wear2Where Launches their New Website!

Recently, I had the privilege of joining the team of a fantastic company called Wear2Where. It is a well established website that combines travel, fashion, and shopping and is re-launching a brand new, and might I add, completely fabulous website. The San Francisco based company is founded and run by two savvy, stylish and sophisticated women, Sandy Mandel and Barbara Winchell. Every week, the Wear Girls take you on an adventure to a fantastic destination and show you exactly what to pack to save you time, while still looking effortlessly chic. Their witty advice and take on fashion and travel is a “can’t live without.” Working with these talented and entrepreneurial women has given me a brand new perspective on the fashion industry, and all of the smaller components that are a part of it. For the website, social media plays a huge part in the development and ongoing interest. Establishing their name on all media outlets such as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest has been my responsibility. Along with that, there is always an upbeat energy that goes along when working together on the latest fashion collage, travel post or shopping must haves. Of course, getting distracted by online shopping has proven to be quite the regular obstacle for us. Although fashion is a huge component in the website, travel and culture never get left behind. Delectable restaurants, luxury hotels, and the newest products on the market are always elegantly picked out with a wide range of an audience always kept in mind. Hop on over to the new and improved Wear2Where website and get ready to be taken on a journey of fearless fashion, decadent travel, and endless shopping.

Written By: Tonislava Docheva