FSH 499: Visual Merchandising Students Design a Tree for the SF Opera Guild

The San Francisco Opera Guild asked the School of Fashion‘s Visual Merchandising students to design and build a tree for their annual silent auction to benefit the Opera Guild. Student’s from Judith Zimrin’s FSH 499.10Introduction to the Reclaimed Object, took on the challenge and designed a beautiful tree. Students Amy Bloch, Casey Evangelista, Christopher Schmunk, and Teresa Reynolds used a reclaimed retro-aluminum tinsel tree as their starting point. They then created a variety of ornaments: paper maché eggs made from traditional plaid fabrics and old fashion patterns; glass ornaments filled with feathers, pearls, tinsel, and beads; candy canes made of pearls, and so much more!

The Opera Guild called to say that it is the only silver tree among all the other green “designer” trees, and that that they absolutely love it! It also stands a bit taller than the other trees up for auction, which is perfect as one student remarked, “Well, fashion models are always taller than everyone else!” Leave it to the fashion students to trim the best tree – congrats!

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