Twitter welcomes 29

As many of you know, the School of Fashion just started their official Twitter page.


That said, we want to introduce you to 29 (as in 1929, get it?). 29 will be taking over the tweets for the school of fashion. We had a chance to chat with 29 about its new responsibilities as the School of Fashion’s Twitterer and got to know it a little more.

Fashion School Daily: So how should we refer to you? Do you have a nickname like ‘niner’ or ‘two-daddy’?

29: No. I am just simply called 29. On Cinco de Mayo, I am referred to as “veintinueve” and yesterday a lot of my friends called me “vingt-neuf.”

FSD: Because of Bastille Day?

29: Yes.

FSD: How festive of you.

29: (laughs) It wasn’t my idea.

FSD: I wanted to ask a question that might be inappropriate…

29: You’re wondering if I am male or female, aren’t you?

FSD: Ummm – yeah.

29: (laughs) I get that a lot. I am neither.

FSD: Neither?

29: Well, I do have a gender, but I don’t like ‘labels’.

FSD: What about fashion labels?

29: Oh, I am a big label hound.

FSD: Who are some of your favorites?

29: Next question.

FSD: Did I say something to offend you?

29: Not really. I just don’t like it when people ask me that question. It’s bad enough that we are in an industry that has this reputation of being superficial and I don’t want to list off a bunch of designers just for the sake of listing off designers. I know what I like and I’ll just leave it at that.

FSD: Fair enough.

29: Geez. I hope I didn’t come off as being too pompous.

FSD: Just a little.

29: Sorry.

FSD: It’s okay – but back to the matter at hand. How did you get this gig as the School of Fashion’s new Twitterer?

29: It was a long application process.

FSD: Really?

29: No, not really. They needed somebody and I stepped up.

FSD: That’s very valiant of you.

29: Well, I have a voice and I thought that it needed to be heard. I thought Twittering, Tweeting or whatever it’s called, was silly at first. Then I realized the value in it. I am around the Academy so much that I thought I should put my skills to use. I like what they do in this institution and I think I have the voice to tell everyone. Plus, it’s really addicting. If I don’t Tweet at least once an hour, I get all jittery

FSD: You tweet in the 3rd person a lot. Some people might find that obnoxious.

29: Really? Why is that?

FSD: I don’t know – it seems kind of self-righteous.

29: Wow. I never thought of it that way. I may have to stop doing that.

FSD: But it’s all about what you want.

29: Now you have me feeling all self-conscious now. I thought talking in the 3rd person made me charming and cute.

(awkward silence)

FSD: So… what are you looking forward to this year at the School of Fashion?

29: First, I’ll be glad when the summer semester is over. It will be a good break. Then, of course, I can’t wait for the school to show at New York Fashion Week. That is always a treat.

FSD: Will you be there Tweeting live?

29: I am planning on it. I just have to figure out what I am going to wear. I have it narrowed down to 15 outfits. By September, I am hoping to have made a decision by then.

FSD: 15 outfits?

29: Yes. I like to have variety.

FSD: Well good luck with that.

29: Are we done here? I want to Tweet about this interview.

FSD: Sure – thanks for your time

(Before I could shake its hand, 29 is already up out of his seat on his Blackberry pressing the buttons furiously.)

Make sure you catch 29 on the official Academy of Art School of Fashion Twitter page: