Top 10 signs you’re a gruppie

Fashion Gossip Girl

A gruppie is a unique hybrid of the grunge and yuppie lifestyle. They take alternative quirks of the grunge world and mix it with that of a rich, young professional. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl is a good example, but here are some more signs that would make you a “gruppie”

1.) You secretly listen to Lady Gaga.

2.) All you have in your fridge is a bottle of Ketel One.

3.) You have more shoes than your girlfriend.

4.) You know the location of every cannabis club in a 10 mile radius.

5.) Band of Outsiders.

6.) You have your facialist on speed dial.

7.) You log on to Gilt Groupe every day promptly at noon EST.

8.) Your checkered skinny jeans are so tight that they cut off your circulation.

9.) You have a calorie counter downloaded on to your Blackberry or iPhone.

10.) Cobra Starship.

Written by: Brian Kennedy