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This is your chance to hear from Ilse Metcheck, President of the California Fashion Association(CFA), and engage conversation about local and global fashion business:


 The Current Landscape, Global Industry and Competition
 Intellectual Property and Licensing
 Technology, Trends, and Predictions
 Southern CA businesses, networking and employment opportunities


Tuesday, September 24th

1:00pm – 2:00pm

Room 201 at 625 Polk Street


Ilse Metcheck is a keynote speaker on fashion industry issues. After serving as the Executive Director of the California Mart (now the California Market Center), she founded CFA in 1994 with assistance from major financial and manufacturing participants in the region’s apparel industry. The CFA provides industry leaders in Southern California’s manufacturing and textile community with the opportunity to share information about the industry in a global economy. In support of fashion education and emerging designers, the CFA created a philanthropic branch, the California Fashion Foundation (CFF), which bestows annual scholarships for students and young designers.