Three iphones with Spring app on screen

The 5 Best Fashion Apps To Follow

Three iphones with Spring app on screen


This is one of the most popular fashion apps. If you don’t want to stay on trend, then download this app. Spring emphasizes allowing each retail brand to control their own customers’ experiences within the app. Brands are able to choose which items they want to sell on Spring and how those items are presented within the app. Not only is Spring partnering with over 80 fashion brands, they are also offering exclusive collaborations.



The go-to search tool for all things fashion.

A new fashion app provides users the best online shopping search tool. It is an app that helps you find products that you happen to come across and provides you with the location to buy them. ‘The Shazam of fashion’ ASAP54 app finds clothes in a flash.

Iphones with the app The Take on the screen

The Take

“Identify Products and locations in movies and TV”.

I assume when you watch movies there are a lot of you guys wondering where the characters’ outfits come from. This is the best app at which to take a look. From James Bond’s dapper suit in Spectre to Modern Family’s Hailey young adult ready-to-wear, The Take offers everything for audiences.



Pose touts its ability to let users “share your outfit or get inspired by the world’s largest community of fashion bloggers, stylists and celebs!”

Are you obsessed with Instagram? Do you love fashion? Trust me! You will fall in love with this app. There are 1M users from all over the world using this app, sharing their fashion outfits and tagging their outfits with brands and designers.

Iphones with the app Poshmark on the screen

Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion

This a great app for those who want to sell and buy fashion at the same time. App users can make money from clothes they sell and use that money to shop. Users can finish selling and buying in just one minute and of course you can get a good deal for a piece for just 70% of the retail price.


By, I Heart Fashionology