Take a Trip to Gaga’s Workshop

Half pop-up shop, half art gallery, half amusement park – Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s New York is the ultimate for holiday shopping – the one place to get your little monster fix. Sure, there’s plenty of trinkets… what some would call souvenirs – but, beyond the malted milk balls and rock candy earrings you’ll find beautifully bound metallic leather notebooks, a quirky hand mirror, and NARS lip gloss in ‘Born This Way’. For the high rollers, there’s an expensive, yet chic set of poker chips, exquisite jewelry, and embellished nail art.

Beyond all of the items… the shoppers were just as intriguing. Young monsters, old monsters, baby monsters – you name it. Gaga’s power flows through the veins of her fans, and this workshop was a brilliant shopping fete. If nothing else, it’s a psychedelic getaway for before or after the holidays. You simply must go.

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Written By: Katarina Farley