Simon Says: Sick? Are you for real? It’s the last week of school

Last Friday afternoon I developed an earache that I tried to ignore but couldn’t.

No way can I get sick. It’s finals and I have a blog post to write.


I came home to keep warm and to doctor myself up with some home brew. I’ve been in bed all weekend with a hideous cold and cough with no trips out and about to find anything to write about. All I’ve done is drink gallons of ginger tea.

So here is the recipe that is sure to cure.


Step 1: Slice up an enormous root of ginger. Do not peel.

Step 2: Heat in water till boiling then turn down to simmer for 20 minutes.


Step 3: Juice a whole lemon into a mug.


Step 4: Add a big spoon of honey.


Step 5: Fill the mug with the hot ginger water and stir.

There you have it — an amazing cup of home brew ginger tea.