Picture This by GPP

Found an eagle’s feather, the best quill for drawing with Indian Ink.

This, bird-brains, is an art school…

Try it, fashion flock. But first catch an eagle. They are out there, soaring.


1. A feather in my cap and I don’t have to buy a pen.


2. I’m going to design a sky-high-heeled shoe.


3. Fly all over the world. Virtually? Really?


4. Come down to earth and read a book (what is a book? Will I digest it?)

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5. My sharp beak and fierce claws are perfect for cutting (up) a jacket.


6. Maybe they’ll take me on a field trip. Or surf the internet?


7. And allow me to eat my lunch (they call it grub in England, I wonder why?)


8. Last question: Why did I get a C-?

Written by: Gladys Perint Palmer

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