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A new friend?
A new friend?

In addition to contributing to this blog, which is easy, I write and send images, I have been persuaded, nay nagged, to start my own blog. (www.gladysperintpalmer.tumblr.com).

For someone like me who prefers a yellow pad or a drawing pad and pencil this is revolutionary.
It reminds me of reading books at school in a foreign language that I only half understood. I never got the point. Nor do I get it now, though it took a village to explain the concept.

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Who are those people inviting me to be LinkedIn? Why? And others who want to be Friends.
I don’t like the sound of a link –- reminds me of cuff links leading to hand cuffs. I probably don’t need any more friends, unless they are animals.

Lady Gaga and friends
Lady Gaga and friends
Stefano Gabbana – a friend?
Stefano Gabbana – a friend?

Maybe more dogs?


Or cats?


So, this is a short blog because I must attend to tumblr.

Have a great summer. And try not to stay connected.

Written by: Gladys Perint Palmer

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