Paloma Mora – Senior Thesis Project 2022

Major: BFA Fashion Design

Contact: Instagram | LinkedIn | Email

Hometown: Santa Paula, California

My design philosophy is to create plus-size clothing that encourages the fashion industry to become more inclusive of every body type. This is why I decided to study fashion design, as well as because I’ve always been a creative person, and designing clothes is my favorite way to express it. I like how clothes can tell a lot about a person. Clothes can be super meaningful and important, or just a meaningless morning decision.

For my senior thesis collection, I used three main fabrics– spandex, mesh, and lightweight non-stretch woven. After I figured out the concept and which direction my collection was going, I then started creating the textiles of my collection. After finalizing my textiles, I then started designing a bunch of different looks, eventually developing the six final looks.

I initially designed each look in the collection to be a different size. After some compromises, I had to make some of the looks the same size, but overall I tried my best to make it as diverse as possible for everyone. My collection is called “Sunrise to Sunset,” and in general, it is inspired by the sun. I came up with this concept because I wanted to design something that was comfortable enough to wear from day to night. This is why my collection is a mix of athletic and evening wear.

Photographer: Jaidyn Makos; Model: Ginasela