On Online: Meet Nicole Dawson


Where do you live? East Orange, NJ —  but I wish I lived in Manhattan.

Area of study: Fashion Journalism

List three of your heroes in history: Queen Elizabeth, Marie Antoinette and Andy Warhol

Name three of your favorite designers: I love Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh and Yohji Yamamoto. They are amazing when it comes down to creativity.

Tell us about something funny or silly that happened to you this week: I was taking the laundry downstairs when my dog rushed by me. I thought that I had another step to go, but, fell flat onto my laundry,  displaying my precious gems to my entire family.

What is your dream job? I always wanted to be a stylist for Broadway or for celebrities.

What is the most embarrassing item in your closet? My Baby Phat sneakers in pink. I knew that those kicks were quite popular way back when, but, once I finally got a chance to look at them now…

What is your most valued possession? My Dolce and Gabbana dress that I got when I graduated high school. It was super expensive, but who can resist such beauty in one garment? It was a major moment.

What is playing on your iPod? “Fancy Song” by Drake. I love this song since I know he is singing about me. 🙂

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