Image Source: Vogue

Oh. My. Vogue! 73 Questions Everyone Is Talking About

Take that, boring online surveys! Vogue has an exclusive web series that asks the world’s hottest celebrities rapid-fire questions about… everything. “73 Questions” is created and directed by Joe Sabia. These single-take episodes average about seven info-packed minutes each and take us inside the stars’ private homes, offices or backstage at cool events. No wonder they are raking up millions of views on the magazine’s official YouTube channel. Fashion School Daily recommends these five videos to make you go wow, wait-what, for real, me too!

73 Questions with Derek Zoolander

Ben Stiller’s hilarious satirical character is the ultimate fashion industry insider. – Who are you wearing right now? – Oh, this isn’t a person. It’s a velveteen napoleon jacket. #TeamDerek

73 Questions with Serena Williams

One of the most decorated athletes in sports history reveals her win-win playlist, her superhero name, names a real baby, and… You’d never guess whose closet she would love to raid! #TeamSerena

73 Questions with Cindy Crawford

Supermodel: fashion history is hard to imagine without this style icon. Watching her answer questions from her model kids at the family’s Malibu estate suggests glamor might be genetic. #TeamPepsi 

73 Questions with Lupita Nyong’o

This Academy Award winning actress scores extra points for naming her Mom as the most influential style icon while browsing through a closet that takes up a whole floor of a skyscraper. #TeamMom

73 Questions with Daniel Radcliffe

It’s “Harry Potter” playing ping-pong in a dive bar! If that is not clickbait enough, you also get to find out which side of the kittens vs. puppies debate the actor sides with. #TeamSpiritAnimal 

Text by Alexey Timbul