Off the Rack with Danielle: Dreamboat or Titanic?

Carrie Bradshaw once said, “One girl’s dream boat is another girl’s Titanic.” Well, the same goes for retail design. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we can only expect to see a plethora of display ideas from both negative and positive angles of Hallmark’s “Day for Love”.

Do you feel romantically inclined, like Saks Fifth Avenue?



…or do you care to daydream about your dinner plans?


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…or do you feel a bit rabid and textural like this leaping rabbit? Are you jittery and anxious for the holiday to pass by quickly? (Located at Ixia flower shop at Market and Castro, San Francisco.)



Love it? Hate it? What’s your take on Valentine’s Day?

Written by: Danielle Wallis

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