Illustrated line up by Ruone Yan

NYFW Spring 2016 Designer: Ruone Yan

Ruo Yen; Photo by Bob Toy
Ruone Yan; Photo by Bob Toy

Ruone Yan, BFA Menswear Design, was born and raised in Chongqing, China. As an undergraduate, Yan’s work has been shown at the 2015 Graduation Fashion Show in San Francisco.

Illustrated line up by Ruone Yan
Illustrated line up by Ruone Yan

Yan’s menswear collection is fabricated from jersey, leather, and beige-toned canvas that she custom dyed with oolong tea. Of her inspiration, Yan tells us, “My inspiration is from the Cephalotus, also known as the Venus Flytrap. I wanted to capture the idea of the insects being trapped within the Cephalotus with my collection. Outside, the insects are vulnerable to other elements of danger even though they aren’t being slowly ingested. So, are the insects safe or in danger within the body of the plant?”

Yan’s collection shows her inspiration with cocoon-like layers, and the monochromatic palette focuses attention on the innovative silhouettes.

Mood board by Ruone Yan
Mood board by Ruone Yan

Fashion School Daily: What is the best advice you have ever received?

Ruone Yan: Whatever it is—bad or good—at least do it and show it to my design teacher.

FSD: What is your style motto?

RY: For myself, I always try to protect and maximize to hide myself; for my design, it’s like a way to vent.

FSD: Who are your favorite fashion icons and why?

RY: ISSEY MIYAKE, he creates the new concept of fashion and greatly shows eastern elements to the world.


Written by Yuna ChoiBFA Merchandising