Monday Morning Photos

Today’s Monday Morning Photo is actually video – but we just had to share it with you as it is the perfect jolt of inspiration we all need to get through these next few weeks. Last week, Oscar PR Girl posted a video chronicling a trip that Oscar de la Renta took to Mexico last June. He was invited by Moda Nextel to present his Resort 2012 collection in the largest bullfighting arena in the world, the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City. In the video, you not only see the amazing fashion show – you get to hear Oscar speak about his passion for life and for his work.

Oscar was a Guest of Honor at the School of Fashion in 2000, and the woman in the video with him is Inmadulada Habsburgo, president of the Queen Sofia Spanish Intistitute, who was also a guest of the school at the time of Oscar’s visit.

His heartfelt words are truly inspiring, and we hope that they inspire you as you gear up for finals!