Meet Agustin Sanders. Interior designer of the 601 Brannan Cafe.


Agustin Sanders, one of my favorite teachers at Academy of Art University. He is an interior designer and an artist. He always brings his passion for art into his designs.  He designed our 601 Brannan café, where I would invite every AAU student to come over and take a look and maybe grab some lunch. Being an interior design student myself, this café made me so proud of our building. Seeing is believing and I am not the only one who loves this place, students use this space a lot. You can see students having group meetings, studying, talking and relaxing in the cafe. Eating lunch is only of the basic functions. This is my last semester at the Academy and 601 Brannan café is  the place that make me always want to come back. I got the chance to interview Agustin, let’s hear his story.

1.      What is your first memory of getting involved in interior design?
My mother is an interior designer in Mexico City, so I was always surrounded by art and design. Sometimes she would let me skip school to go work with her, ever since I’ve had a great love for design.

2.      Do you still remember what was the space looked like before it turned to our Brannan Café? What made you decide to change it?

When I first walked into the space I was shocked of how bad the space planning was, you would think that the cafeteria of the School of Interior Architecture & Design would be amazing, but it wasn’t. The furniture pieces were old and very uncomfortable. I immediately started to think of how I would like students and Academy of Art personnel to use the space.


3.      What was your inspiration for the Brannan café project?
After seeing how poorly the space planning was, I started to think of different scenarios and how I wanted people to use the space. Since the building at the time was split between Architecture, Interior Architecture and Landscape Design, I wanted to create a space that would merge all three disciplines into one. The large scale mural towards the back symbolized the strength of these three disciplines, the two mirrored faces of Ana de Mendoza wearing the eye patch depicts the ongoing battle between Architects and Interior Designers.

4.      If you cloud change one thing about it, what would it be?
I wish we had time to do more work in the exterior of the space, we had very fun ideas that we couldn’t finish within the time frame.

5.      What would you say are some of your strongest beliefs about design?
1. If you are not having fun while designing then don’t do it!
2. Don’t be scared of using color!
3. Use your five senses while designing!

6.      What does your ideal restaurant look/feel like?
I sometimes go to restaurants just because of the design and not the food. I like restaurants that create an experience for the user. From the music they play to the lighting and the service

7.      What is your favorite food?
1.      Japanese
2.      Puerto Rican
3.      Mexican

8.      What do you think about table manners?
The most important thing while eating!


This story was produced in LA/FSH 218 Blogging Content Creation & Promotion course.