Mannequins That Will Blow Your Mind, A Trade Show That Will Entice


There she is standing in the window of your favorite department store. Chin up, vacant glance, hand on her hip. Her porcelain complexion, chilly, elegant, and inviting, so inviting that you’re enchanted to look past the price tag of the sparkling gown draped on her frame, and carry it like a precious pearl to the register. The mannequin, once a French moniker for model, has since taken on a much larger connotation. A lifeless piece of plastic she is not. By today’s definition she is the modern gatekeeper to our glamorous desires, she is the woman (or man) we want to be. No one understands this better than the artisans at “ABC Mannequins”, one of the retail industries leading mannequin manufacturers, holding the coveted prestige of a Made in Italy product, featured at retailers such as Hugo Boss, Moschino, Jil Sander, and Emilio Pucci, and events from Milan to Manhattan, Manhattan to Moscow, and soon San Francisco as well.

Thanks to “Alu” ABC’s exclusive North American distributor, ABC’s sensuous “Ophelia” mannequin will be gracing the showroom of Alu Mind’s,“ Road Retail Design Show” –  a nine day trade show of fashion, interior design, trend forecasting, and much more beginning January 21st and concluding on the 31st (not including weekends) from 9am to 9pm every day at 1999 Bryant Street in San Francisco, alongside some of retail and the fashion industries most discerning and recognized professionals. Click here to learn more.