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Local Artists Salute New Karl Lagerfeld Product at Gump’s Event in San Francisco

The famous and ultimate multitasker designer Karl Lagerfeld displayed yet another side of his creative force with the West Coast launch of KARLBOX – Colours in Black, which took place at Gump’s in San Francisco last week.

The new limited edition fine artist tools were hand-selected by Lagerfeld, the longtime head designer of Chanel, Fendi, and his own fashion label, in collaboration with Faber-Castell, one of the world’s largest and oldest – 255 years old – pencil manufacturers.

The intimate San Francisco event at Gump’s featured in-store demonstrations of the creative tools by artists Rene Capone and Wendy Layne, as well as calligrapher Billy Ola Hutchinson.

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“Wonderful time at Gump’s on Friday night,’’ Capone said in a social media post about the event. “The Karl Lagerfeld/Faber-Castell art box is incredible.  Being able to test it out, I can say it was clearly made with appreciation and love. Also, Faber-Castell has a way with organization that helps artists like me feel more centered. Artists that get ‘expressive’ can often get lost in their own tool box…Using the Faber-Castell boxes keep me organized and that makes a world of difference in what is artistically achievable. Awesome!’’

The limited edition – only 2,500 have been made, retailing for $2,850 – contains over 350 drawing and painting tools, all packaged inside a collectible black lacquered beachwood box designed by Lagerfeld.

“To me drawing is like breathing,’’ said Lagerfeld in a statement on his website. “These are things that almost relax me.’’

The elegant KARLBOX includes 120 Albrecht Durer artist water color pencils and five Graphite Acquarelle pencils for painting, as well as polychromous artist pencils; a set of 60 Artist Pen Brushes; Pitt Fineliners for detailed drawing; graphite crayons for large scale work and other fine art essentials; a watercolor brush; a metal sharpener; a dust-free art eraser; a sharpening knife and a sandpaper block. It’s like finding a box full of amazing treasures one would need to remain creative on paper and beyond.

“The KARLBOX is an expression of the symbiosis between artist and tool; a special tribute to the inexhaustible creative power of designers, without whom our world would be without shape or colour,’’ concluded the official press release.