Katie Lau: A Natural Disposition for Design

She just had a feeling about her outfit today; A calm, and comfortable mood inspired Katie Lau’s look. She appeared just as relaxed and intriguing to me whilst waiting outside the 79 Montgomery Street building. Naturally, I turned to talk to her:

Katie Lau

Faye Harris: Hi Katie, What are you studying? 

Katie Lau: Fashion textile design

FH: How would you describe your style?

KL: Quite simple. Smart yet comfortable, I like very natural tones.

FH: What’s your favorite accessory?

Katie Lau’s Marc Jacobs watch

KL: My Marc Jacobs watch. I love the pop of color, but I don’t wear a lot of accessories.

FH: Where do you shop in San Francisco?

KL: Mainly Westfield, Nordstrom in particular. There is a lot of designers to choose from.

Katie Lau

FH: Do you have a favorite designer?

KL: Dries Van Noten

FH: Who is your favorite instructor?

KL: Elizabeth Armstrong, she’s a great teacher.

FH: Are you inspired by other students’ style?

KL: Yes, sometimes. I can tell the fashion students apart by their outfits!

Written By: Faye Harris