Journalism Notebook: San Jose Mercury News Uses Student to Style Fashion Section

School of Fashion Student
Stylist for San Jose Mercury News

Student Erin Kearns styled the Sunday, March 25th Style Section of the San Jose Mercury News for Style Editor Donna Kato who was part of the Fashion Industry Panel in November 2006.

Erin has plenty of styling experience as she worked in Los Angeles for denim line Chip & Pepper where she dressed many bands including Destiny’s Child as well as wardrobe for the movie ‘Lords of Dogtown.’

Erin spent three days working on this shoot preparing the clothing and creating looks.

“For the first time in a long time, I’ve been comfortable having a stylist totally in charge,” said Donna Kato. “She was professional, self-confident, great about anticipating needs and most of all, with a very gifted eye toward styling.”

Cut and paste this link to watch the movie version of the shoot: