Jeremiah Michelle Savares – Senior Thesis Project 2022

Major: BFA Fashion Design

Contact: Instagram | LinkedIn | Email

Hometown: San Francisco, California

I chose to design kidswear because I have so much love for kids and have many god-children. I’ve taken care of and been surrounded by many children throughout my life, and always thought that I could make their clothes more comfortable, easier to put on, and of better quality. I dream that one day my own kids will be able to wear the clothes that I make.

I titled my thesis collection the “Blooming Floret” because I was inspired by the Victorian period. I took the color story and silhouettes from that period and translated them into a modern form. I chose to use natural fabrics that are more breathable and flexible, and wouldn’t irritate the skin. I created textiles made from emojis distorted to look like floret. 

There was a lot of trial and error to find the best and safest materials for my collection. I mostly used natural fabrics to avoid any irritation to the skin, especially for children that have skin conditions. I wanted to make sure I found the best materials to use for the kids and for the environment. Additionally, I included reflective fabric and material that protects from UV light, to safeguard the wearer night and day.