Is the Word ‘Fierce’ Overused?


From Christian Siriano to Sasha (a.k.a. Beyonce), the word “fierce” has been in the fashion vernacular for a while. Even so, we decided to ask our Facebook fans and Twitter followers if it has overstayed its welcome — and you guys and gals had a lot to say:

Emily Fohnton (via Facebook): No. Christian Siriano was the first one to make it popular and I think it is one of those words that just says it all.

Brigette Nelson (via Facebook): I didnt mind it before. But ever since Tyra began using it, I became irritated by it because people began using the word to describe every and anything.

Ladyluvmusiik Ishtar (via Facebook): Although I love Christian Siriano, Ru Paul is the originator of “fierce” and no I don’t think it is overused!!! I do think it should be reserved for things that are actually “fierce.”

@BlaqFashionGeek (via Twitter): Definitely overused and overEXPOSED!

Sébastian Estvanko (via Facebook): Yes. I hate the word fierce. I don’t believe it should be used when discussing style, especially in professional fashion journalism. Also, while we’re on the subject, I also detest the word fashionista. I think a fashionista is just another word for fashion victim; I would find it an insult if someone called me a fashionista.

Ruben Dolphin (via Facebook) I dont say “fierce” word or “epic.” Instead I pickup a dictionary and find a more suitable word to use.

When asked if “fierce” is overused, one person opened a whole new can of worms on our Facebook page with his answer:

Agnes Dorosz: No, but the word EDGY is.

What are your thoughts on the use of “fierce”?