FSH 499 – Tambour Beading

Embroidered Tambour herringbone pattern design A gorgeous herringbone pattern, designed and embroidered by Jose Luna. 

The School of Fashion is extremely lucky to be able to share the art of tambour beading with our students, thanks to guest instructor Robert Haven, who teaches FSH 499.01 – Decorative Tambour Beading and FSH 499.02 – Advanced Tambour Beading each summer. Haven is the only tambour beader in the United States who is officially certified by Lesage, the famed embroidery atelier in Paris. The French embroidery technique dates back to the 16th century, and is named for the drum-shaped frame that was originally used (you can learn more in our latest issue of 180 Magazine).

Many of the students come into the class never having attempted any form of embroidery or decorative work, and by the end have created stunning pieces, bringing their most imaginative ideas to life. “Every year I’m so impressed by what they’re able to do,” said Haven – and we can see why. Follow the jump for more photos of the tambour beading projects!

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