Fashion Time Machine: New Class FSH 313 Style Icons & Fashion Objects


Coco Chanel, Anna Piaggi, and Dior’s new look are just some of the topics that the new class FSH 313 Style Icons & Fashion Objects will cover. The class, which is available both onsite and online starting Spring 2016, explores objects, moments, images and persons deemed to be fashion history “icons”.

“It is about connecting the cultural, geopolitical, techno-scientific dots in a way that explains why we dress, smell and feel the way we do today. It is also about learning to sift through layers of outrageous fun and fascinating facts to get to the meaning of any item or trend… except Crocs. There is just no explanation for that.” Said Alexey Timbul Bulokhov, the online instructor for the class.

Alexey Timbul Bulokhov. Photo courtesy of Alexey Timbul Bulokhov
Alexey Timbul Bulokhov. Photo courtesy of Alexey Timbul Bulokhov

FSH 313 will assist students in developing a step-by-step analytical matrix in fashion, explained Bulokhov, who is also a fashion writer for online publication FSH 313 will take students down the history lane to examine fashion and how to draw sources for present day guidance.

Bulokhov also added that the class is beneficial for students in all majors, as it will help them understand the complexity of fashion history, its cultural impact, and enable them to harness its social potential. For the onsite class, FSH 313 will be taught by fashion creative force Western Bonime. There are no prerequisites for this class.

So what are you waiting for!? Grab your phone or laptop and sign up for this amazing class!



Written by, Taufik Marasabessy, BFA Merchandising