Fashion Studies Journal Research Grant

When it comes to financial support in studies, every little bit counts! Fashion Studies Journal has announced its first-ever fashion research grant. If you’ve been dreaming of hard-to-find books, paid archives access and/or faraway conference opportunities, now is the time to put those dreams into a proposal and submit for peer review. All fashion students, practitioners and independent researchers are welcome to apply for two $125 grants. The deadline is Monday, October 30.

Note from the organizers: “Interested applicants should submit a brief, 1,000-word essay that describes both the scope of their research projects or papers and how the funds will be allocated. Good uses of grant funds include: image licensing, material costs, printing and archival fees, or travel to and from a research site, conference, or archive. If the funding is going to be applied to conference fees, please include a synopsis of the paper to be presented as well as proof of the paper’s acceptance to the conference. In addition to the essay, please also include a copy of your resume or CV or links to your personal website.”
For all additional information, please, visit