From Our Partners: San Francisco Generators Summit

Are you a true generator? Merriam Webster dictionary defines the verb “to generate” as 1) to bring into existence; 2) to originate by a vital, chemical, or physical process; 3) to be the cause of a situation, action, or state of mind.

We believe our community is home to many wonderful generators!  That’s why we are happy to report that our partner Issuu has generously offered 50% discount to Academy students on tickets to the inaugural Issuu Generators Summit, a day-long gathering exploring the culture of creativity through technology. The event will take place in San Francisco on October 5, 2017.


The half-off discount code is ARTISTGENERATORS. The rooftop breakfast, gourmet lunch and happy hour are included. Among the presenters are Josh Constine (Editor-at-Large at TechCrunch), Deepa Subramaniam (VP Product/Design at Kickstarter) and Sara Khoury (User Experience Design Director at Google)! For a full list of speakers, more information and day passes, please, visit the website.