DIY Time With Philip: A Room With a View

Of the three apartments I’ve lived called home, only one got more than 15 minutes of direct sun a day (two months out of the year I might add). Maybe I’m unlucky when it comes to the sun, but I’ve got a solution that doesn’t require renting a wrecking ball.

I figure that I can fake myself out with a false window with a treatment. This will help open up my tiny, skinny, “bed-can-only-be-in-one-corner” bedroom.

Supplies needed (photos 1 & 2):

-poster size landscape photo
-lattice board, approx. 10’
-fabric, enough to cover poster
-trim fabric
-sewing machine, needle & thread
-speed square, right angle
-curtain rod
-curtain rod hooks
-ruler or tape

Begin by cutting two pieces of fabric, each half the size of the photo plus two inches at each edge. Double the edges over and hem the side edges then the bottom at about 1/4”(photo 3).

Fold the top edge about 1/2” then again about 1 1/2” to create a loop for the curtain rod, and edge stitch the fold (photo 4). Repeat these steps with the second piece of fabric.

Crop the photo to the desired dimensions. Then mark the length of the top and bottom and cut lengths of lattice board for each. Repeat with the area between the top and bottom pieces to complete the frame.

Next, cut a slat between the two sides of the frame, dividing the frame in two (photo 5). To create the window panes measure between the slat and the frame and cut lattice board to fit between them (photo 6).

Nail the curtain rod hooks into the wall at the desired height on the wall, and hang the curtains on the rod (photo 7).

Hang the photo behind the curtains, tie them back using your trim fabric, to admire your new view (photo 8).

Written by: Philip Washington

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