Designing for SF’s Next Hot Spot at the Four Seasons

Linglu Giao presents her designs. 

Beginning this semester and continuing on into the spring, MFA Fashion Design students are working on a special project for the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco. The historic hotel is set to open a new restaurant next summer, and have asked our talented bunch to design new uniforms for the hostesses, servers, and bartenders.

Last week, students met with the Four Seasons team for the first time to present their initial inspiration, fabrics, and sketches. The restaurant will have a sleek, contemporary feel, and the students designed garments with that aesthetic in mind, also taking into account the functional needs of the staff.  The Four Seasons team was very impressed with the designers’ initial efforts, and offered feedback for the next round of edits. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the project continues!

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Adriane Zonker’s inspiration.

Jacqueline Mao’s designs. 

Amanda Massi presents her ideas and swatches.

Ernest Huang’s moodboard.

Casimiro Llamas Jr.’s designs for women’s and men’s wear.

Jacqueline Mao’s first 3D samples.

Shanshan Bai presents her idea to Kelly Nelson from the Four Seasons San Francisco.

Qian Bao’s range of designs.