Cappasity Collaborates With Fashion Merchandising Students

Cappasity’s new 3D imaging software is set to radically transform the online shopping experience, and Academy of Art University fashion merchandising and fashion marketing students will be among those incorporating this software into their e-commerce sites.

The groundbreaking e-commerce software creates a virtual in-store browsing experience for customers, through 3D product images. It provides a more interactive browsing experience than the average shopping website, with 360 degree views of the products. You can zoom in to see details up close, and even see how the products look in motion. Capacity notes that the software increases shopper engagement by 30% and minimizes the amount of returns made.

Examples of Cappasity functionalities.
Examples of Cappasity functionalities. Source:

According to Product Development Program Coordinator Andrea Skillings, the ability to see products as they would appear in real life will make them more tangible and, as a result, more sellable. “I know one of the biggest issues of shopping online is that you really have no idea what the product looks like,” she said. She also believes this direction is the future of online shopping. “This is really new and innovative. I think it’s where everyone is going to head at some point,” she added.

At a presentation given by Cappasity during a FSH 460: Merchandising Industry Collaboration class, students were taught how to incorporate the software into their class projects. Fashion merchandising and fashion marketing students were then tasked with producing apparel for Shop657, the school-run marketplace that sells private label product designed by current students and student alumni. This store is yet to go online, and Cappasity’s software will be a huge advantage for the new site.

“I’m excited about the future of Shop 657 and collaborating with Cappasity to see how we can make our online store more successful,” said senior student Allison McGuire.

Cappasity is a VR/AR platform for business, out of Santa Clara, California. Created especially for fashion businesses, it’s a natural match for students who are very much crafting the future in present day.

Words by Adriana Georgiades, MA Fashion Journalism

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