Allyn Fox – Senior Thesis Project 2022

Major: BFA Fashion Design

Contact: Instagram | LinkedIn | Email

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

I was born in a small province in the Philippines and pursued my dream in the city. I’ve always been into art and drawing came to me naturally. I ventured into fashion because I fell in love with the process and its ability to make people feel confident and look their best. I started designing my classmates’ prom dresses, a wedding dress for my aunt, dresses for her bridal party, and other fashion design-related endeavors which led me to pursue fashion design in college.

I was riding BART on my first day back to work when I got inspired by the stillness of the people riding the train while the train moved at what felt like light speed. It reminded me of being in quarantine and the feeling of how everyone’s lives were put to a pause, while time kept going. Photographs of silhouettes of BART riders and imagery of light speed were my main focus for my senior thesis collection. Using the silhouettes, I experimented with the shapes to form the main silhouette of my collection, while the ombre represents the movement of the speed of light.

I designed this collection to be versatile and can be mixed and matched with garments from the same collection or garments that can already be found in one’s closet. My collection came about through various processes, from paper to 3D and 3D to actual garments. The earlier process of my collection was developed through a software called CLO3D, which gave me a 3D visual on how my patterns would translate into actual garments. Using this tool as a reference, I was able to create my patterns and toiles with less waste.